March 9, 2018,Raymond’s wholly-owned subsidiary – Raymond marking,formally reached a strategic cooperation agreement with KN Group,Raymond marking will represent all overseas sales of KN Group.


Raymond Marking was established in March 2009 and is located in Jiangxia District Wuhan City, which is responsible for the production and overseas sales of two projects, Raymond’s laser marking and pneumatic marking.


In 2009, Raymond Marking is the first domestic company to extend its pneumatic marking business overseas . Through a large number of overseas overseas exhibitors and customers visiting, Raymond Marking’s business was basically spread all over the world in the first year.

In 2010, Raymond Marking’s participation in the exhibition tripled compared to 2009, gradually establishing a solid and reliable agent system, and establishing branches in emerging markets, directly governing all sales and production operations in the market.

In 2012, Raymond marking’s sales reached a record high, ranking first in the industry.


The enormous benefits created by Raymond Marking enable it to reach strategic agreements with top research institution in the industry.


2018, Raymond Marking and KN Group expect that in the cooperation between the two parties, they will give full play to their respective brand and resource advantages, and carry out in-depth cooperation in sales and production. As a university research institution, KN Group brings together a large number of professionals. In recent years, continuous research results have greatly promoted the promotion and development of the industry.


In this strategic partnership, Raymond Marking is willing to fully support the KN Group’s research and development, and is committed to serving the results of Raymond Marking’s global customers, resulting in a high product experience.


This strong alliance has produced tremendous repercussions in the industry, and we can wait and see what kind of sparks the two companies can collide with.

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