Nowadays, batteries are almost everywhere in our daily life. It can be said that battery is a great invention in the development of human society. Batteries are used as energy sources in household appliances, electronic products and so on. They play an important role in all aspects of modern social life. With the extensive use of batteries, some illegal elements have drilled holes, a large number of counterfeit and inferior batteries are rampant in the market, laser marking machine some customers who can not distinguish between the true and the false be cheated frequently. Fake batteries will cause immeasurable damage to your equipment due to the poor quality of production technology, which will directly affect the life of equipment such as power load. In addition, uneven discharge will cause different degrees of damage to some confidential instruments and instruments, and sometimes even explosions, resulting in unimaginable consequences. So when buying, we must pay attention to distinguishing the battery from the battery

Facing the flooding of fake and inferior batteries in the market, how to choose? Firstly, the label information on the batteries can be identified. The fake and inferior batteries are almost identical to the regular batteries, and the production date, batch number and manufacturers are all available. But the way of battery marking is different. In fact, most battery manufacturers now use laser marking machines to mark batteries, use high energy density laser to irradiate the packaging locally, and “engrave” information such as production date and serial number on the packaging, thus leaving a permanent mark. Counterfeit and inferior batteries can not imitate and change the information of laser marking at will, as long as consumers pay attention to the comparison of the labels on batteries. By memorizing information, it is easy to distinguish the battery from its counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit counterfeit counterfeits

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