Laser welding is more effective in tailor welding of unequal thickness plates. This technology transforms the traditional manufacturing process-stamping into parts first, then spot welding into a whole-into: welding several parts of different thickness into a whole, then stamping forming, reducing the number of parts, making more rational use of materials, significantly improving the traditional marking methods of automotive parts: die casting, electrical corrosion, non-adhesive, screen printing, pneumatic label. Remember. Laser marking technology has been developing rapidly since its birth because of its clear, beautiful and indelible marking.

The advantages of laser marking for automotive parts are fast, programmable, non-contact and durable. Laser marking is widely used in automobile manufacturing, such as automobile parts, engines, label paper (flexible label), etc. Laser barcode and two-dimensional code are often used for tracing automobile parts. Two-dimensional codes have the advantages of large information capacity and strong fault tolerance

Laser marking machine for flexible label of automobile is specially designed according to the characteristics of flexible label of automobile. It is used for marking the following kinds of labels: car body, engine, VIN code, bar code, car key, fuel tank, airbag warning, tire pressure, air conditioning, cooling system, door label, etc.

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