Laser marking machine marking text is a good hand in the industry. Many times, when we want to engrave patterns, words or logos on jewelry or small objects, the traditional manual has many drawbacks, and the efficiency is poor. If we choose to use laser marking machine for marking, it is not only fast, efficient, but also of good quality. Since the application of laser in marking, its value has been fully reflected. It has made great progress in the processing of electronic components, instruments, aerospace, automobiles and other fields. Laser marking machine breaks through the limitations of pneumatic marking, and is more in line with the modern high-speed processing of production. So, what is the working principle of laser marking machine?

Laser marking is the use of high-energy laser beam through the focus of the machine, irradiation on the surface of the material to be processed, evaporation, vaporization and other means, marking on the surface of the material. The working principle of laser marking machine can be divided into two kinds: hot processing and cold processing.

1. Hot Processing Laser Marking

This kind of processing method is more common, mainly through the laser tube to produce a high-density energy source of laser beam, after aggregation to produce high-temperature energy, hot processing on the surface of the material. This kind of processing method needs to absorb the energy flow on the surface of the processed object, and the thermal change is the basis of ensuring laser marking.

2. Cold Processing Laser Marking

It refers to ultraviolet photons with high energy, which break the chemical bonds inside the processed object or surrounding medium, so that the processed object can be destroyed by non-thermal process. This form of marking process will not have heating and deformation effects on the inner layer and adjacent area of the processed object, such as chemical substances on the base material in the electronic industry. The quality of the film is precipitated.

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