Laser marking is a marking method that makes use of high energy density laser to irradiate the surface of the object locally and make the surface material vaporize or change, so as to leave a permanent mark.

The invention of the laser is an epoch-making achievement which has had a profound impact on human society.The laser, along with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers, has been called one of the “four great inventions” of the 20th century.The laser has high brightness, good directivity, high coherence and good monochromaticity. Since the birth of the first laser, people began to explore the laser in the field of processing applications.Laser marking is one of the most common applications in laser processing.

Laser marking is a new processing technology which makes use of a laser beam with high energy density to interact with the surface of an object and cause physical or chemical changes on the surface of the object, so as to leave a permanent mark on the surface of the object.Laser marking as a modern precision machining method, and printing, corrosion, edm, mechanical engraving and other traditional processing methods, has unparalleled advantages.Laser marking through computer control, can be marked on the surface of various characters, symbols and patterns, and can be very easy to design and change the marking patterns and content through software, can greatly improve the processing efficiency, to meet the requirements of modern production efficiency, fast rhythm.

Laser marking technology has no hard contact with the object of the knife, no cutting force, the work piece will not deform and produce internal stress, will not destroy the work piece, can be widely used in a variety of materials, such as common metal, polymer materials, leather, ceramics, wood can be laser marking.The focused laser spot is very small in diameter, has a small heat-affected area, is highly processed, and the engraved text pattern has a very strong durability.

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