Metal nameplate is a common metal sign in our life and work. It is mainly used to make common LOGO and information parameters, or to make some personal commemorative signs. The manufacture of metal nameplate is simple, easy to preserve, and there are many modifiable parameters from the appearance to the completion of production. The finished product is also very beautiful, so it is widely used. What are the materials of metal nameplates? Common ones are stainless steel, aluminium alloy, alumina, zinc alloy, zinc alloy, etc.

The shortcomings of traditional printing: traditional silk printing and transfer printing can be retained for a long time. The way of printing to nameplate surface and then transferring to product surface with silica gel is also catching up with laser marking. Its shortcomings are obvious

1. Poor wear resistance

People who have used it have a deep feeling. The ink on the metal surface of the wear-resistant test paper is usually used for a short time and has the problem of discoloration.

2. Poor adaptability to harsh environments

Like nameplates for some equipment, parameter information needs to be labeled when they are out of the factory. Some of these equipment need to be placed outdoors. The traditional way of labeling nameplates has a low tolerance, so there is a great possibility of wear and tear.

3. the aesthetic requirements are not high enough

As a private collection and customization of some metal surface marking work, the use of traditional methods is not ideal, such as commemorative badges, staff nameplates, etc., these are required to have aesthetic requirements, at this time, the use of laser marking machine is more advantageous, to meet both aesthetic and practical requirements.

4. Traditional printing is not environmentally friendly

Laser marking, dust-free and smokeless, is a relatively environmentally friendly processing method. In the process of making nameplates by silk printing, some chemical raw materials such as organic solvents and heavy metal elements may have some impact on processors and waste disposal, and ink volatilization also exists, which may be a hidden danger to both individuals and the environment.

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