The birth of the laser in 1958 is considered a great invention of the 20th century.Nowadays, laser technology has developed by leaps and bounds. It is widely used in heavy industry, light industry, manufacturing industry, mining, energy, aerospace, medicine ando on. Laser technology can be divided into two categories according to theoretical research and specific application, one is laser manufacturing technology, the other is laser application technology.Laser marking (spray code) technology is a kind of laser application technology, the so-called mark (spray code) refers to the production of signs on the surface of the product, such as the manufacturer, manufacturing date, shelf life, contact phone number.Before the emergence of laser marking technology, ink marking technology is widely used, not only slow, low efficiency, but also the existence of pollution, signs are not clear.And laser marking technology has gradually replaced the traditional ink marking technology.Laser marking technology not only has high speed and precision, but also has the advantages of safety and pollution-free.

With the application of laser marking technology more and more widely, the development of laser marking technology itself is also more and more rapid, its trend is combined with computer automatic control, marking speed and precision can be better control.Laser marking machine has the advantages of fast speed, easy to carry, high integration, low price and high quality.Moreover, the laser marking machine has strong adaptability to the environment and can work normally under the environment of high vibration and high humidity.High reliability, small size, high efficiency, long time maintenance free, saving the use cost.Therefore becomes the marking machine technology development mainstream direction.

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