Flexible processing mode and fast development speed

Laser marking adopts numerical control technology or computer control, so only need to program on the computer, can achieve marking output, change the marking content is very easy, fundamentally replace the traditional mold making process, greatly improve the production efficiency.

High machining accuracy and wide application range

Laser marking USES laser beam as processing means.Laser can form a very fine beam, in the material surface can be carved out of a very fine line, its most thin line width can reach millimeter, for precision machining to create a broad space.

The processed products are fine, beautiful and of high aesthetic value.

Laser marking can form three-dimensional patterns on the surface of various metals and non-metals.The engraved pattern can keep the original creation style and original verve of the figure, and can pass through the light-transmitting materials (such as quartz and glass) to process the internal parts.

Good anti-counterfeiting performance

Using laser marking technology to make the mark copy and change are very difficult to do, in a certain degree has a good anti-counterfeiting effect.

Good social benefits

Laser marking for non-contact marking, relative to chemical decay candle method, no pollution, no pollution to the environment, relative to mechanical marking, no noise, is a very worthy of praise high-tech green processing means.Two-dimensional barcode is developed on the basis of the traditional one-dimensional barcode, which belongs to a non-contact marking method.

Because of the limitation of information capacity, traditional one-dimensional barcode must rely on database. 2d barcode has high information density and large information capacity, so it can be independent of database. 2d barcode can not only store digital, character and other information into the code, but also store face, fingerprint, iris and other image information into the barcode, so 2d barcode has a wide range of applications in many fields such as document reading, personnel management, transportation and packaging, electronic data exchange.

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