In the field of laser processing, laser marking machine is one of the most widely used laser processing products with the fastest market share.Laser marking is a method that USES high energy density laser to produce photochemical effect on the surface of various materials or evaporation of surface materials, and leave permanent marks on the surface of materials.With the traditional mechanical engraving, chemical etching, screen printing, printing ink printing compared to the way such as laser engraving has no pollution, no mechanical distortion (laser marking is non-contact), permanent marker, low cost, high flexibility, reliability, maintenance interval time is long, easy to pay a lot of advantages such as low running cost, investment, and laser marking system can implements product for mass production of work piece individual identification number, again with a line of code or label on the product, qr code array can be very effectively to achieve production process control, quality control and product security.

Laser marking is known for its non-pollution, non-contact, permanent marking in the marking field, widely used in electronics, automobiles, household appliances, aviation, jewelry, instrumentation, identification card and advertising signs and other industries.At present, the domestic production and sales of enterprises engaged in laser engraving system has several, their competition has from the laser technology to effective control of laser equipment and processing technology, can effectively solve the high speed laser scanning and rapid advance caused by vibration, scanning width size and precision of scanning, scanning laser synchronous scanning and reciprocating dislocation, graphics interpolation problems such as complex algorithms and rules, has become the key of the competition.It is believed that these problems will be effectively solved with the continuous emergence of new technologies.

At present, laser marking has attracted the attention of more and more manufacturers, it will inject new vitality to enterprise products.From this point of view, laser marking contains huge market potential and rich social benefits.

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