Cans of laser marking machine are a common packaging material in our daily life, while drinks, as a daily necessity, can be seen everywhere from supermarkets to newsstands.With the improvement of people’s living standards, all kinds of beverages are packaged in a variety of ways. At the same time, all kinds of information will be gathered on the cans and bottles, so as to facilitate businesses to expand sales.

Cans small bottle, big use, easy to carry, strong sealing, packaging fashion, the advantages of convenient marketing, with the diversification of business marketing activities, the body of the marking is not only confined to the ingredients, the date of production site information, such as business is becoming more and more tend to do more on the small bottle of marketing, such as qr code concerns, such as qr code the ticket form.The traditional ink-jet printing code has not been able to meet the speed requirements for marking businesses, so the advantages of laser marking machine has become increasingly prominent.Laser coding is a marking method that USES laser beam with high energy density to act on the target and cause physical or chemical changes on the target surface so as to obtain visible patterns.As the laser beam moves regularly over the material surface and the laser is controlled to break, the laser beam is processed into a specific pattern on the material surface.

Compared with traditional technology, laser code has the advantages of easy operation, fast marking speed, clear and permanent writing.Non-contact processing, small pollution, no wear, no deformation;Non-contact processing, small pollution, no wear, no deformation.

Drinks, bottles of wine and other large use of cans industry, product upgrading fast, laser marking equipment must also adapt to the speed of assembly line production.Laser marking machine long service life, late without any maintenance, and can be 24 hours uninterrupted work, therefore, for the pipeline manufacturers, laser marking is the best choice.

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