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In the field of laser processing, laser marking machine is one of the most widely used laser processing products with the fastest market share.Laser marking is a method that USES high energy density laser to produce photochemical effect on the surface of various materials or evaporation of surface materials, and leave permanent marks on the […]

Flexible processing mode and fast development speed Laser marking adopts numerical control technology or computer control, so only need to program on the computer, can achieve marking output, change the marking content is very easy, fundamentally replace the traditional mold making process, greatly improve the production efficiency. High machining accuracy and wide application range Laser […]

Laser direct labeling technology is a process in which the target surface is scanned by a laser beam with appropriate energy density that converges on the material surface, and physical or chemical changes occur to the material, so as to form a mark.For different materials, different process parameters, laser effect is not the same.Generally speaking, […]

The birth of the laser in 1958 is considered a great invention of the 20th century.Nowadays, laser technology has developed by leaps and bounds. It is widely used in heavy industry, light industry, manufacturing industry, mining, energy, aerospace, medicine ando on. Laser technology can be divided into two categories according to theoretical research and specific […]

Laser marking machine processing efficiency is high.The laser beam moving speed under computer control can reach 5 ~ 7m/s, which can not only meet the needs of single design of laboratory type, but also meet the requirements of industrial mass production. Laser processing and traditional screen printing, corrosion, avoid chemical pollution, compared with mechanical marking, […]

Laser marking non-contact processing, can be in any special surface marking, the work piece will not deformation and produce internal stress, suitable for metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, wood, leather and other materials marking.Laser marking is a new processing technology developed after laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser cutting, laser drilling and other application technologies. It […]

Metal nameplate is a common metal sign in our life and work. It is mainly used to make common LOGO and information parameters, or to make some personal commemorative signs. The manufacture of metal nameplate is simple, easy to preserve, and there are many modifiable parameters from the appearance to the completion of production. The […]

The portable pneumatic marking machine has the following advantages in marking technology, so that it can continue to develop and expand its application in the market. 1. Handheld portable pneumatic marking machine has a long service life, so customers do not need to change the machine frequently, so that customers can save a lot of […]

Laser marking is a marking method that makes use of high energy density laser to irradiate the surface of the object locally and make the surface material vaporize or change, so as to leave a permanent mark. The invention of the laser is an epoch-making achievement which has had a profound impact on human society.The […]