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The characteristics of laser marking are obvious after the emergence of laser marking machine. It has fast speed and good performance. The characteristics of laser marking are that the pattern and text are clearer, and it can easily mark many kinds of materials, such as building ceramics, rubber products, craft gifts and so on. Laser […]

Laser welding is more effective in tailor welding of unequal thickness plates. This technology transforms the traditional manufacturing process-stamping into parts first, then spot welding into a whole-into: welding several parts of different thickness into a whole, then stamping forming, reducing the number of parts, making more rational use of materials, significantly improving the traditional […]

In all fields of laser processing and application, the automobile industry occupies 15% of the market share. The United States was the first to introduce high-power lasers into the automotive industry. More than 40 laser processing stations in Detroit were used for cutting automotive metal parts and welding gears, which shortened the automotive modification from […]

Nowadays, batteries are almost everywhere in our daily life. It can be said that battery is a great invention in the development of human society. Batteries are used as energy sources in household appliances, electronic products and so on. They play an important role in all aspects of modern social life. With the extensive use […]

Nowadays, laser marking machine is more and more widely used in automobile parts marking. For example, there are many kinds of information such as bar code, digital two-dimensional bar code, serial number, production date, shift code, trademark and so on. Among them, the optical fiber laser marking machine is undoubtedly the best laser marking equipment […]

Medical products are directly in contact with the human body. The production standards of medical devices in any country are very stringent. Therefore, the requirements of medical devices for marking equipment are also very strict. At present, laser marking machine is widely used for marking medical devices. The classic application of laser marker in medical […]

Beauty is the nature of every woman, and jewelry is an indispensable ornament for women. When choosing jewelry, texture, color, appearance, workmanship and uniqueness are all factors to be considered when choosing jewelry. Because jewelry mostly uses expensive raw materials such as gold, silver, platinum, diamond, etc., the requirements for the production process are also […]