Standard Pneumatic Marking Machine For Flange SP-6000A

1.Marking Scope 160-80mm
2.Marking clearly with the specially made alloy pin
3.Special made for flane engraving
4.Marking head base electromagnet type, easy on vertical and horizontal
5.Marking depth is adjustable by controlling the marking pin

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Dot Peen Marker for Flange SP-6000A

SP-6000 Dot Peen marking equipment is designed for use with large and heavy metal parts such as car chassis, VIN numbers etc. It allows direct part marking on product surfaces using hard marking pins that handle hardness of up to HRC60.

This device allows the marking head rotate with 360°and it can work with vertical or horizonal or other positional workpiece.Used for marking on big or round workpiece such as flange,flywheel,brake flange,etc

Marking Content
  • VIN numbers (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Serial numbers
  • Chassis numbers
  • Graphics/Special symbols/Logos
  • English letters, characters
  • Time variables (year, month, week, day, shift)
  • Date(Automatic date marking)
  • Date Matrix/2D codes/ Matrix size: 5 x 7 dot and continuous line
  • Direct Part Marking (DPM) – This is a process of permanently marking parts with a barcode. This is done to allow the tracking of parts through the full life cycle
  • Vin code/number marking
  • Data matrix coding
  • Programmable marking
  • Component identification
  • Component traceability
  • Serial numbering
  • Lot numbering
  • Steel stock marking and engraving metal (Aluminum, steel, copper etc.)
  • Plate, tag, label and pipe marking
  • Logo marking
  • Cast and forge marking
  • Security code marking
  • Health & safety appliance marking
  • Time & date Marking
  • Equipment part marking
  • Batch & shift coding


Operation System: DOS/Windows98/2000/XP
Marking Area: 160×100mm  φ3-φ370mm  (or customized)
Min Character: 1×1mm (character size controlled by software)
Marking Speed: 3-6 characters/second
Marking Depth: 0.01 – 2mm (according to the material)
Marking Pin Hardness: HRC95°
Impact Frequency: 300-400times/second
Marking Material: All kinds of materials up to a hardness of HRC65
Multiple Fonts: Numerous fonds up to more than 100,supporting edit fonts
Weight Endurance Rotator holds up to 100KG workpiece,diameter 600mm(or customized)
Graphics: Compatible with AutoCAD、CorelDRAW、 CAXA
Accuracy Guarantee: Character marking accuracy≤0.01 after 5years working
Rating Power: 500W
Compressed Air Supply: 0.2Mpa~0.5Mpa     Airflow:0.25L/S
Dimensions: 350mmL×450mmW×780mmH Weight 75KG

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