Precise Combo Dot Peen Marking Machine SP-7000B

1.Adapted to all parts and all needs
2.Very simple to use, its handling is quick.
3.Unique, permanent component identification
4.Work-in-progess tracking
5.inlcuding portable and benchtop mode for more application.

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No PC required.Adopt 3.5inch color touch screen,operated by linux system with multifunction microcomputer control cmos chip.Use graphical interface and operate same as computer.

Sp-7000B has a Micro controller unit which is embedded with windows-XP provide freindly and effective operation for various marking contents such as Characters, alphanumeric, serial No, Data, Data Matrix Code, VIN Code LOGO


  • Direct Part Marking (DPM) – This is a process of permanently marking parts with a barcode. This is done to allow the tracking of parts through the full life cycle
  • Vin code/number marking
  • Data matrix coding
  • Programmable marking
  • Component identification
  • Component traceability
  • Serial numbering
  • Lot numbering
  • Steel stock marking and engraving metal (Aluminum, steel, copper etc.)
  • Plate, tag, label and pipe marking
  • Logo marking
  • Cast and forge marking
  • Security code marking
  • Health & safety appliance marking
  • Time & date Marking
  • Equipment part marking
  • Batch & shift coding


Operation System: DOS/Windows98/2000/XP
Marking Area: Flat marking:160×100mm

Portable marking:160×80mm or 120×30mm or 60×20mm

Min Character: 1×1mm (character size controlled by software)
Marking Speed: 3-6 characters/second
Marking Depth: 0.01 – 2mm (up to the material)
Marking Pin Hardness: HRC95
Impact Frequency: 300-400times/s
Marking Material: All kinds of materials up to a hardness of HRC65
Multiple Fonts: Numerous fonds up to more than 100,supporting edit fonts
Graphics: Compatible with AutoCAD、CorelDRAW、 CAXA
Accuracy Guarantee: Character marking accuracy≤0.01 after 5years working
Rating Power: 500W
Compressed Air Supply: 0.2Mpa~0.5Mpa     Airflow:0.25L/S
Dimensions: Flat marking:350mmL×450mmW×950mmH Weight 70KG

Portable marking:

MarkingArea 160×80mm Dimension 240mmL×170mmW×260mmH Weight 5KG

MarkingArea 120×20mm Dimension 190mmL×100mmW×210mmH Weight2.5KG

MarkingArea 60×25mm  Dimension 150mmL×100mmW×210mmH Weight 1.5K


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